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The Benefits of Step Aerobics

For many years, people thought that weight training wasmeant to bulk up, and cardio was the only option to lose weight. But more recently, we have understood that the best approach should include a combination of both.

That is why step aerobics usually combines weights, cardio training, and a stationary block. With only a few elements, you can create at home a versatile workout with different variants and step combinations without leaving your home.

It is a low-impact exercise, and you can make it as intense as you like. But why would you engage in step aerobics? In this article, you will read about the top 4 health benefits of this simple and easy workout approach.

Cardiovascular benefits

Step aerobics is considered a type of cardiovascular exercise or cardio. After a while, you will notice how the heartbeat increases, which is the idea behind this exercise. One hour of step aerobics could give you the same exercise intensity of fast-paced running 7 miles.

This is a potent stimulus to your heart and lungs. It increases your lung capacity and strengthens your heart if you keep at it every day. By doing so, the risk of heart disease and cardiovascular problems may reduce drastically. Your stamina levels will start to grow, and your aerobic capacity will increase steadily.

Musculoskeletal benefits

Who wouldn’t like to have a beautiful body with a plain abdomen and toned leg muscles? Step aerobics is an excellent exercise to strengthen your leg muscles and stimulate their growth. But that is only one of the musculoskeletal benefits. You probably didn’t know that step aerobics promotes your bones to improve mineralization.

Osteoporosis is a common ailment in women after menopause. It is also a problem with males as testosterone levels plummet. As the bone tissue loses calcium, the risk of fractures increases. Step aerobics creates resistance and some pressure in your bones, which is received as a stimulus to create bone cells and fill those empty spaces with compact minerals.

Mental health benefits

We often focus on the physical benefits of exercise and underestimate the importance of mental health. Step aerobics can also help release stress and reduce anxiety levels. As it happens with other forms of physical activity, you will be releasing endorphins and other neurotransmitters that modulate your mood and brain function.

As your brain chemistry changes, you will probably notice how sleep quality improves, and your anxious thoughts are not as intrusive as they usually are. In some cases, you could even reduce the frequency of depressive symptoms, especially if you combine exercise with therapy.

Weight loss

This is probably one of the most popular benefits of step aerobics. As noted above, one hour of this exercise can get you burning many calories. If you combine this with a healthy diet, you will probably see results on your waistline and belly after a while. Moreover, as you continue exercising daily, your metabolism will become more efficient, and your body will burn more energy at rest.

The number of calories you burn in step aerobics depends on the intensity of the routine. Doing non-stop high-intensity activity could burn 450 calories in 45 minutes. Just make sure that you are correctly hydrated and eat a healthy meal before and after a strenuous routine.


Step aerobics is a versatile exercise you can adapt to almost any situation. You don’t need specialized equipment. Even a small box can be helpful to get yourself started. It is a low-impact exercise, and you can adjust the intensity level to your experience and fitness capacity.

Even if you go slow at first, it is excellent to increase your physical activity levels, and you will soon experience the benefits in your daily life and wellbeing.

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